Eternal Torments

by Crucify Me Gently

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released July 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Crucify Me Gently Uzhhorod, Ukraine

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Track Name: Execution
Sentenced to death,
Convicted by fools,
I can not be justified.

I kill people for my own pleasure,
Because I wanted them to feel my pain.
You gather in this court you think you're better,
Not I'd like to say my last words and explain.

I killed so many kid,
`Couse I never had a childhood,
I killed all those women,
`Couse I was never loved.

What was I supposed to do?
If no one could help me through.
My parents died long time ago,
And forsaken me alone.

You drag me to guillotine,
The things I've done were never seen.
I have no remorse,
If I could I would've done things worse.

This is all my life has turned into,
A few seconds of decapitation.
Now I feel the end,
The blade is risen over my head.

Now I am beheaded,
But I can still see your fucking face.
I spit on you I feel no disgrace,
Oh God I hate this human race.

I killed people for my own pleasure,
Because I wanted them to feel my pain,
This execution gave me freedom,
If I could change something I would've done this again.
Track Name: Are You Alive
We`re in the darkest forest,
We can not fight them all,

Are you alive? Are you?
There is something more.
Are you alive? Breathing?
I can`t hear a sound.

We`re in the darkest forest,
We can not fight them all,
We need to hide here somewhere,
And pray to our God.

Our prays should be so quiet,
So they could not hear us,
Or all the words were spoken,
Will be the last for us. For us.

Oh no you see them coming?
They`re coming straight to me,
But I can`t move my body,
`Couse I am full of fear.

Burn, the fire in me,
So I protect my lover.

Lay, lay there unmoved,
So they could not find you here.

This is the end!

Procession begins.
We are finally exposed.
Procession begins.
We are now the living dead.

Can you still breathe, breathe, breathe?
They`re dragging us slowly to the altar of Lord.
Are you alive?
We are now their human sacrifice.

Why they have been doing this?
For the thousands years.
No matter what they won`t hear the answer,
`Couse there is nothing up there.

They could sacrifice the whole world,
There will be nothing up in the skies,
But if thy God was alive,
He would descend to us and punish this whole fucking world.

He would kill us all,
He would`ve burn all churches,
`Couse those are fake altars.
He would have hang up all the priests,
And wrest their entrails inside out.
He would`ve make the Great Pope,
To swim in his own fucking puke.
I am alive!
But your god is dead and will never come back.
Track Name: Inhumanitas
We will be remembered for we have destroyed,
We need no remorse for what we`ve done.

Supposed to be the natures best creation,
We drown together in ocean of lies,
The gods created by imagination,
We made the curtain, can`t open eyes.

Divide the strongest ones from the cattle,
Humanity is too humaneness.

Each time I see people around me,
I wish it was nightmare, but it`s not!

Why we are the only species,
That will kill our selves for the sake of pleasure?
We are nothing!

Do you enjoy? Do you enjoy?
The pictures painted with our blood.
We are nothing, we are empty,
Filling ourselves with an empty shit.

I`d squeeze my eyes, so I can`s see this scum,
But I still feel your disgusting stink.
I would break down your fucking legs,
I would burn down your children in font of you,
Then I`d make you eat their searing meat,
And that stil wont satisfy my anger.
Track Name: Fallen Father
God is dead he won't be resurrected.
And we are the one who killed him!
How can we console ourselves, killers of the killers.

You can pray to God,
You can pray to Allah,
Nothing will save you.

You can pray to God,
You can pray to Allah,
Nothing will save you.

Risen from ashes the Fallen Father will rule this world.
The Antichrist will fight the light shining from above.

I hope that the darkness will come,
And we'll get a reward for the things we've done.
We are the hopeless swans,
A cattle without a cowherd.

The creature, heavens masterpiece,
Was banished into the mist,
Into the mist.

This world needs his blessing,
A graces from our Fallen Father.

If God was alive he would shit my mouth right now!
Hail to the Lord!

I fell like I was buried in the well,
My Fallen Father arise from the hell.
Fallen but not defeated,
Abandoned and cheated.

I need you more than a breath of air,
Please help your son, `couse he'll die in despair.
I feel around your attendance,
Don't let me die in my own remembrance.

Father arise!
God is despised.
Track Name: Darkness Swallows Me
The darkness swallows me,
No strength to hold on,
But I`m keeping on.
Do I see this?,
Do I hear this?
Who is creator of this awfull masterpeace?

I am deaf, but I can see,
The "perfection" was hidden in me,
All I found in my self,
Is disgust and misery.

My paranoia devours me again and again,
And I cant bear my suffering.

I am dying in this ugly room,
I am about to leave this world,
Before I`m leaving I wanted to ask,
My fallen father where are you?

Forgotten and forlone,
My illusions are finally gone,
Nothing will save me,
I am on my own.

I am lost, and almost forgotten,
Purify me, my soul is rotten.

These walls get more narrow and narrow,
These whispers never shut up.

The gloomy light that passions me,
Gives me a hope that I`ll be free,
My life was a pile of lies,
Why cant you let me fucking die?
Let me die...Alone...Alone...

My soul is lethally diseased,
My dreams would be finally pleased,
Escape is near, but it dashes away,
No choice left, now I have to pray.