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"Circles" is an existential ode for the human being who is facing the unthinkable pain before and after death. The transcendental nightmare that all of us might witness...


released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Crucify Me Gently Uzhhorod, Ukraine

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Track Name: Occultist
Long ago there was a city,
Hidden in forest and protected from everything.
People lived there in harmony,
Except the one old man.

Occultist who hated everyone and everything,
Worshiped to the spirits of nature.

He worshiped the Earth to bring the earthquake upon the city,
He worshiped the Moon to bring the endless rain.

He had dreamed about people,
Throwing their children from the peak of the mountain,
One by one were thrown in pit,
And parents could do nothing with it.

Than their turn would come,
Under the cries of dead children,
They jumped after them.
Heavy bodies would crush survived...
Dreams like this the old man had every night.

The old man started worship the Sun,
So it would descend and burn the whole town.
He felt his helplessness,
And knew this was his last attempt.

Day by day he was on his knees,
He called to spirits from above and beneath.
So once his pleas were heard,
And he could not believe his eyes.

The whole city was burning,
And he was burning with it.
The great fire started,
From his blazing body.

Screams were so loud,
So the ears started to bleed.
Thankful to the Gods,
That his hatred was finally freed.
Track Name: The Call of Mighty
Deep down on the bottom of ocean,
In the places humans've never seen,
The ancient city, an unknown structure,
Build long ago before the humans walked the Earth.

Created as a shelter,
It turned to be a prison for the dweller of it,
And still it awaits to be finally free.

Pathetic humans...
Created thousands of cults,
To worship the half-god from another dimension.
Naive and blinded,
Manipulated to execute his will.

No one could imagine his powers,
And no one could foreseen the advent,
The half-god from another dimension,

It awaits in the depths,
To awake from the infinite sleep.
Imprisoned and left alone,
With its greatness and abomination.
Soon we will find out,
whether pure evil exists.

It awaits for the awakening,
And now I finally hear the call of mighty...

Time will come.
The impending awakening will be beginning of the end for the human race.
Our ashes will witness it devouring the whole universe.
Track Name: Future is Dead
I've had a vision,a revelation
How the world will come to the end.
I've felt the grace from the skies,
and found the way to save it.
It took decades to build it,
An enormous ark of wood,

To save the living,
From the upcoming events.
I have seen it, and grief filled me,
The great deluge that was devouring,
Every being, every living
Would die within the blink of an eye.

Two of every living creature,
Were brought into the ark to be saved from flood,
And to bring life in new world.
The storm has swallowed everything except the ark,
But something was awakened in the depths.
More ancient than this world itself,
And with its tentacles it sank the shelter of all the living.

Now future is dead,
The last words that the God has said.
Now future is dead,
The last words ever said.

Now God is alone,
Sitting on his unbearable throne,
Everything he created,
Is decomposed and gone.

Everything he created,
Is decomposed and gone, forever gone.
Track Name: Out of Time (ft. Max Kovalenko of Dysphoria)
Time, the most valuable resource,
That is wasted for nothing without remorse.
Time is life, Time is death,
The enemy we fight till (our) the last breath.

The biggest misconception,
That we think that there is plenty ahead,
We are out of time,
And you will realize this just before you are dead.

Created for the highest purpose,
We spend our lives in misery,
Were we given our lifetime to waste it for nothing, for nothing?
Frustrated, guided by the inner animal instincts,
Blindly wandering into nowhere through the lurid horizon.

This crimson rain shall wash us all away,
Doomed and sentenced we observe our lives pouring through our fractured hands.
Sticky clods are rolling down across the curve of my own life,
While turning into a decayed soil.
This blackness reflects the essence of human existence.
Innocent blood had been spilling for thousands of years, and now it is on our own murderous hands.
A stepping stone of man’s absurd existence.

We are out of time.

There was nothing before, there will be nothing after,
There is no today, there is a dreadful disaster
Born to die, but doomed to live.
This universe has no time for us to give.
Track Name: Delirium
The best dream I have ever had,
Is where humanity is already dead.
And to make this dream come true,
There is not much left for us to do / (we don't have much to do).

Kill each and every of your child,
To prevent their misery and disappointment.
You gave them life and you have right to take it,
This will make you as close as possible to God.

There is no great purpose for human being,
Our divine origin is not more than a fairy tale.
No one created, no one has brought us,
Nothing is more important that you or me.

Overwhelming existential emptiness filled with purposeful consumption.
We are not animals, we are much worse.

So I will wait and hope for the end of our world,
Doesn't matter how the long-awaited cleansing will come,
Everything has its end and I am waiting for our to come.

Mother Earth will finally get rid of her ugly children,
Disfigured but untouchable, she will have a chance to heal her wounds.

It doesn't matter who you were, are or will become,
In Her eyes you will always be pest and parasite.
So why should you torture Mother Earth with your disgusting existence?
Why don’t you make the most important decision in your life?
Why don’t you deliver her from the torment?
Track Name: Fame will Fade
There is nothing worth fighting in this world.
Is annihilation the great purpose you're standing for?
There is nothing for fighting for.

I wish you burned my eyes so I couldn't see the things you do,
I hate you for the pain you made my brothers to go through.

Years and years will pass,
And there will be nothing left from us.

I see myself walking through the deep pit of skulls,
But they do not differ - your from our.

Grief and pain of loss,
They do not differ - your from our.

We are playing the game that has no winners.

Mother that sends her only child, beloved son,
To protect the dignity of the fallen castle.

Fame will fade,
Your sacrifice will be forgotten,
Your name will sink in thousands like yours.

A single death is tragedy,
Death of millions is a statistic.

Since she sent her child to war,
She thought she'll see him nevermore,
No one could relieve her pain,
And she could not sleep at night again.

She dreamed about him coming home,
And her dreams fulfilled,
Her son come back,
But he was lying in the coffin dead.

Are few meters of ground more important than a human life?
Soon you will have lands to settle, but there will be no settlers left.
Track Name: Bat'ku
(in ukrainian)

Батьку, пройшло вже стільки років, як тебе нема,
А рана що в мені не гоїться, вона така ж сама.
Зовні силу мою бачать інші,
А біль мій бачиш тільки ти і я.

Скільки б життів я не прожив,
Скільки б місць я не побачив,
Я пам’ятатиму весь час,
Що назавжди я свого батька втратив.

Здається в Бога, я камінням не кидав,
Навіщо ж він тоді, від тебе життя забрав?
Я залишився сам на сам,
З собою, із болем, із боєм.
Але здається я програю,
І скоро нас буде вже двоє.

Батьку, як би я хотів щоб ти мною гордився.
Щоб ти бачив ким я став, але не бачив в що перетворився.

Я ніби й стою, але стою на колінах, і давно не можу встати.
Я ніби й живу, але живу з болем, і нікому його забрати.

Щоб не казали інші, час калічить а не лікує,
Такий біль нестерпний, тільки смерть вгамує.

Я затаврований навіки, і знак мій горе, і знак мій втрата,
Я не живий давно, життя моє – повільна страта.

Нікчемно жив, нікчемно й подохну і ніхто не згадає.
Разом з тобою щось вмерло в мені і до сих пір вмирає.
Мотузка вже на горлі, але я ще чомусь зволікаю,
Мій рідний Батьку, знав би ти, як я нашу зустріч чекаю.

Track Name: Darkness Swallows Me p.II
Darkness swallows me no more,
I am now the darkness.
The man I've been before -

An inconceivable essence,
I am everything and nothing is me.
Reuniting with the highest powers,
Almightiness, I call to Thee.

Here I found out,
That I know nothing about suffering.

I have become a part of something bigger,
Than our world or the whole universe.
Not amenable to physical measurements,
Omnipresent substance.

Everything I knew and everything I loved,
Withered before engrossing nothingness.

Pain is everywhere,
The mist the red smoke that covers me.
I breathe it and it burns me,
I breathe it and it becomes me.

I reunited with the only thing,
I have been always running from -
Endless, unthinkable agony.

Death is only transition,
To a place you would never want to be,
And when you die, the only thing you want,
Is to be free.

Darkness swallows me no more,
I am the Darkness...
Track Name: Circles
Surrounded with a thousand bodies,
And all of them are mine,
All of them are mine...

I don't know how did I get here,
I don't know how to get out,
I am in endless circle,
I am in endless circle.

All this gloomy circles,
Neverending moments,
Have crippled me for a thousand of times.

All my rotting bodies,
All my written stories,
And each of them is the end.

I tried so many times,
To become human,
But I failed,
And all I found in life is

Pain, pain, unbearable pain,
That devours me from inside again and again.
I can't escape this circle,
I can't escape this fucking circle of life and death.

Permanent disharmony,
Death gives meaning to life.
But still it's worthless and insufferable,
So we hope that the afterlife exists.

Surrounded with a thousand bodies,
And all of them are mine.
I don't know how did I get here,
I don't know how to get out,
I am in endless circle of life,
I am in endless circle of death.